The name says it all. These foursome from Zagreb will crush you with their massive energetic pumped up desire to rage on stage and play louder. They mix driven heavy stoner sound into a lethal rock and roll explosion.

Things got started back in 2006 when four guys from Zagreb went to a rehearsal place to play stoner rock, downtuning their guitars and rocking away. By the end of 2007 Sonic Doom Records made its first release, a split album titled Cojones & Umor split LP, featuring three songs from Cojones. In March 2008 Cojones & Umor set sail for their first European tour promoting their split album. In 2009 Cojones recorded first full length album titled Sunrise and went promoting it on second euro tour again with Umor. In years to come Cojones played across Europe what culminated in 2012 with second album named Bend To Transcend, which got well accepted by critics and media. In 2013 Cojones recorded live album Black night played 25th March in Jena, Germany. In preparation of new album called Resonate, Cojones realesed single Rocker in October 2013. Resonate was recorded in Pleasantville Studio by Pavle Miholjević & Jura Ferina and it is released in October 2016 by the Croatian label called PDV.

Screamer Magazine review

“They are authentic. They are not trying to be anyone else. They are who they are. And their ability to create something different is a compelling enough reason on its own to like them”

AllWhatsRock review

“Cojones are mix of the Swedish berries of Witchcraft, the devils balls of Sabbath, and the nasty low-end chunk of Kyuss and Melvins”

Monolith Sound review

“Cojones enforce a constant assault assault on your ears, balancing aural satisfaction with technical prowess”

Resonate reviews


Croatian metalline progrock?!?!? Righteous!!! The promo lit extols Cojones (um, “Balls” in Spanish…and I don’t mean ‘beach balls’, y’all) in comparison to Monster Magnet, Soundgarden, the Melvins, Kyuss, stoner metal, and others, but, because I’m familiar with all those groups, I’ll say the more accurate RIYLs would be along the lines of Omega, Nektar, Fields of […]


( Ravno Do Dna )

Novi, treći po redu, studijski album zagrebačkog benda Cojones ne odjekuje rezonantno samo u sferi stoner rocka, kojem po narativu bend pripada, već dakako šire – to je jedan od ponajboljih rock albuma općenito snimljenih na ovim prostorima. To ‘snimljen’ se odnosi i na odličan producentski posao koji potpisuju dvojac Pavle Miholjević i Jura Ferina. Naime, […]


( Rockarena )

Croatian rockers long awaited album “Resonate” finally gets to see the light of the day. Stoners outfit third full album takes the band into a new and exciting places and pays the homage to band members influences. Although new, “Resonate” has a fine patina usually associated with an anthology album. New and imaginative arrangements breathe […]


( Merchants of Air )

Resonate is an album released by Croatian alternative rock band Cojones, on December 2, 2016. Only thirty four minutes long, with eight tracks – Providence, Wait a While, Origin of Fire, Opium, Rocker, Build a Home, Pilgrimage and the eponymous Resonate – this record is a major and strikingly lucid achievement. An excellent album, with […]

Bend to transcend reviews

( Snaptwig )

It was a pleasant experience stumbling across Cojones. The Croatian band offers a rock and roll madness voyage with their album, Bend To Transcend, replete with eight cuts that hit all the right tones as far as production and lyrics. The opening track, “Have To Run,” belts a loud whirl as vocalist Bojan Kocijan takes […]


( Screamer )

Croatian psychedelic rockers Cojones released their newest record Bend To Transcend in November 2012. Largely unknown within the US, the band played Stoned From The Underground 2012 (one of the biggest underground music festivals) with the bands St. Vitus, Orange Goblin, Monster Magnet, Red Fang, and others. And they’ve toured extensively through Germany, Austria, Belgium, […]


( Under The Gun )

Zagreb, Croatia may sound like unusual headquarters for a hard rock band, but if Cojones are any indication of what the capital has to offer in the way music, the Republic of Croatia may just have some real talent that we’re unfamiliar with here stateside. Cojones’ newest album, Bend To Transcend, has the balls that […]

Sunrise reviews

( )

With a name as ridiculous as Cojones, then you better have the music to transcend it. Compared to other recent face palmers like Boners Inc and Chinese, Cojones does indeed deliver. Hell, in some weird alternate universe where a name like Cojones is considered the norm, Cojones would still leave an impression. Like fellow Croats […]