It was a pleasant experience stumbling across Cojones. The Croatian band offers a rock and roll madness voyage with their album, Bend To Transcend, replete with eight cuts that hit all the right tones as far as production and lyrics. The opening track, “Have To Run,” belts a loud whirl as vocalist Bojan Kocijan takes to the microphone and allows his voice to mix with the guitars, bass and drums from band members Nenand Mandi, Miro Cosi and Gordan Tomic.

Upon listening to “Colour,” a memory of mash pits and middle school emerged within my mind. Perhaps, that was the conjecture Cojones were going for, but whatever the case, the play button was pressed repeatedly with this commanding powerhouse. It seems as though “Bend & Stretch” was on the same trajectory as “Colour,” as far as similarity in technique, yet as compelling as the track was pulsating through the speakers, a dynamic appeared to be missing.

“Sacred Fire,” unloads its grunge artillery at the listener and is a force to be reckoned with. One cannot help but move their head as the cut emanates the energetic power that the Cojones creates.”Tide,” is more mellow and subdued that the other offerings Cojones serves on the musical platter. The song is very radio-friendly, touching just the right fullness of instruments while departing from being overly intense. “Hey Baby,” marks a shift in the voyage as it hearkens to classic rock bands such as Black Sabbath, Dio and Quiet Riot. “As Far As It Goes,” could be the take away piece from Bend To Transcend. There is something about it that is mystifying and cogent incorporating the elemental tidbits of what a heavy metal song should resemble. “Indika,” closes out the potent collection that in a nutshell is provoking material that is audacious and full of tempestuous grit.

Cojones started in 2006, with four guys joining together to begin a journey into the world of rock. Bend To Transcend from Cojones provides a bold picture of a band rising from the underground into the limelight.

Final Grade: A-