Croatian rockers long awaited album “Resonate” finally gets to see the light of the day. Stoners outfit third full album takes the band into a new and exciting places and pays the homage to band members influences.

Although new, “Resonate” has a fine patina usually associated with an anthology album. New and imaginative arrangements breathe through enough rock history, something that younger and older audience alike might find irresistible.

From the album opener “Providence” where harmonies bravely rub shoulders with Jefferson Airplane through to “Wait a While” as if forged in the laboratory of early Black Sabbath or a mighty Soundgarden-esque “Origin of Fire”, Cojones take us on a voyage of discovery, an unknown adventure yet the one that hugs you and keeps you warm. And if you thought that is it, you would be wrong.

Mighty, memorable “Rocker” pumps adrenaline like there’s no tomorrow and this one has all the attributes of a stadium hit, while the closing “Resonate” with its multi layered wall of sound gets under your skin like a long forgotten friend itching for another round. And everything feels OK.

“Resonate” is a clever, thoughtful and forged out of incredibly hard work put together by some incredibly talented young musicians. Long may they continue.

Cojones story started back in 2006. when four guys from Zagreb, Croatia decided take things in to their hands, ie. instruments, to a rehearsal place to play stoner rock, down-tuning their guitars and rocking away. By the end of 2007. Sonic Doom Records made the band its first release, a split album titled Cojones & Umor split LP, featuring three songs from Cojones.

In March 2008. Cojones & Umor set sail for their first European tour. Following positive feedback from fans and like minded people, the band recorded their first full length album. Sunrise saw the light of the day in 2009 and the band promoted it heavily in Germany and Austria.

In years to come Cojones played across Europe several times, winning new supporters over and over and that culminated with second album Bend to Transcend in 2012, a true stoners jewel well accepted by both critics and media. In preparation for a new album, Cojones realesed single Rocker in October 2013. However personnel changes halted work on a new album. Original drummer Miro Cosic was replaced by a long time friend and collaborator Ivor Pluzaric .

“Resonate” was recorded at Pleasantville Studio by Pavle Miholjević & Jura Ferina.
 Release date: December 2 on PDV records.