(Merchants of Air)

Resonate is an album released by Croatian alternative rock band Cojones, on December 2, 2016. Only thirty four minutes long, with eight tracks – Providence, Wait a While, Origin of Fire, Opium, Rocker, Build a Home, Pilgrimage and the eponymous Resonate – this record is a major and strikingly lucid achievement. An excellent album, with very beautiful and uplifting songs, that masterly combines a heavier and adventurous approach with protuberantly melodic and abrasively sonorous songs, Resonate certainly can be classified as one of the best albums of the genre to be released in the end of 2016.

Singing in English, despite being a band of the Balkans – which is no problem at all, of course! – Cojones really deciphers to the listener a coherent formula for a cohesive and coherent expressive alternative rock, sometimes filled by an unorthodox groove, that marvelously completes the harmonies, and integrates into the spirit of their songs a brilliant apex of highlighting excellence, that subtlety showcases soft nuances of stoner rock elements. Wonderfully presented in a very original context, that impersonates a glorious and objective style, pronouncedly genuine, with a solid texture that reiterates the creativity of each and every note of their peculiar musical universe, Resonate is a record that magnificently resonates all over your mind for its entire run. Their ability to introduce and work in a contemporary conjuncture the obviously classic influences they bring to the table is an astounding quality, that inherently evaluates their music as a golden star of sonorous artistic proficiency, elevating its pattern of restless audacity into a scale of permanent ascension.

With captivating and well-designed songs, Resonate is a fantastic album, that will capture the hearts and the minds of all the enthusiasts of the genre. Vibrating, unique, sensible and heavy, positively inserted into a frame of undisputable musical highness, this is a record that deserves to make history! Able to define itself as a major underground record, Resonate is an album that is filled with the most undertaking qualities ever witnessed, and you decidedly have to listen for yourself, to believe.

With the complete absence of negative aspects to be pointed out, this album is a superb work! With solid guitar lines, a coherent strategy of sound and an embracing atmosphere of crude delight – if you’re into a very insurgent and abrasive style of alternative rock – then this is the right record for you!